When will the sun shine?

Die Sphinx von Pontresina antwortet:

The sun is always shining. It seems that sometimes the sun stops shining, specialy in the night or when you say, oh, what a gloomy day, because the day is cloudy, it is because of the clouds, that you can't see the sun, but that doesn't mean, there is no sun, you know that, you are not killed by frost.

So, if you are missing the sun and are not killed by frost, don't worry, make sure, that there is no night and then, that it is not too late for sun. Specialy in the night it is the moon, that shines, and if it is not too cloudy, the stars. You know that. If it is not too late and not night and the sun doesn't shine, breath twice and smile, because you know, the sun is shining, even in your place and some people in some places can even see it.

Make yourself ready for a sentimental yourney and travel in your mind and in your heart to this place, where the sun is shining. If you are good, the answer is, everywhere, where you are, the sun shines. You know that. You are not killed by frost. Everywhere, where your love is, the sun shines. Everywhere, where the child eats everything on the plate, the sun shines. You know that.

Writing has nothing to do with knowing the weather, but sometimes it is like the weather moody. You are waiting for sun or for moon, for thunderstorms, for cloudbursts and cannot control it, can't do anything against it or for it, if it doesn't arrive it doesn't arrive. Writing ist changeable. Writing is weather.You want me to proof that?
If for instans writing begins with the question: when will the sun shine? it hears, with its writingears: When will the son arrive? This is not the question. I know. Not even underneath. I know that. So, what about rising? Sunrise! No. Surprising? No. This is not the question. Even not for the sphinx, who, in some way is specialized for sons and their growing up and going down, killing fathers, sleeping with the mothers, blinding themselves.

The writing can't help it, it is asking for the arrival of the son.