Pressestimmen zu Rosmarie Waldrop

Wieder einmal hat sich der Verlag Urs Engeler Editor als kompetenter Sachwalter massgeblicher amerikanischer Dichtung in beachtlichen Übersetzungen erwiesen. Rosmarie Waldrops vielschichtiges, rätselhaftes, faszinierendes, kulturkritisches Buch verdient eine Bauchbinde mit der Aufschrift: Höchst empfehlenswert. (Jürgen Brôcan, Neue Zürcher Zeitung)

In this unusual and fascinating volume of poetry, the themes of cultural imperialism, the consequences of gender and the marginalization fo the conquered combine and comment, one on the other. (Feminist Bookstore News, Feb./March 1995)

remarkable new work (Poetry Pilot, Spring 1995)

Aside from publishing and translating some of the most innovative contemporary writing, the Waldrops also produce it. Rosmarie Waldrop's most recent work is an exploration of colonization and gender through a collage of Roger Williams's 1643 guide to Narragansett Indian language. [It] brilliantly takes its form from this history's language – a language that has vanished since, but is recovered through its reading, and brought alive through Waldrop's writing. (Marc Lowenthal, The Boston Book Review, Dec.95)

A Key into the Language of America is full of the wit and inventiveness found in previous work...What unfolds here is an extremely thoughtfull, rich, playful poetry from an astute and rigorous thinker. (Meredith Quartermain, West Coast Line #17, Fall 95)

challenging and fun. (Louis Rus, American Poetry Archive News, #13, 1997)

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