Lawrence Upton

big book. stage one. London: good elf publications 1976

FIELD 2 Stockholm: Cramped Bostad Press, April 1977, 100 Ex. (single card)


an introduction to Lyonnesse. London: Good Elf Publications 1974, 100 Ex.

MORNING HUMMING. Cambridge: LOBBY PRESS 1978 (Autumn 1978) /Umschlagtitel/

MUTATION. London: ZimmerZimmerPress 1977

RIMING COUPLES IN SERIES. London: Good Elf Publications 1/75

some pictures of anger (the score for a text-sound composition). London: Good Elf Publication 1974

34 / a non-series of non-poems no word of which was written by the author. London 1975, 100 Ex.

View of Lyonnesse. Book 1. London: Writers Forum 1977

VORTEX? $5 Stockholm: Cramped Bostad Press, April 1977, 100 Ex. /single card/

Wrecks round the isles of Scilly, third version. London: Good Elf Publications July 1975

A YOUNG MAN'S ANGER. (visual) version one. London: good elf publications, May 1974, picturesheet two, 250 Ex.

/Brief an Richard Tabor vom 23.6.78: Performance/,in: LOBBYpress Newsletter. Cambridge 1978, No. 3, july, S. 2-5. Fortsetzung: No. 5, december, S. 3f.

A Letter to the Editor /Über Bill Griffiths' Artikel "Peter Clive Fencott", PI 18/, in: Poetry Information. Newcastle upon Tyne 1979/80, Nr. 20/21, winter, S. 130

Letter to the Festival, in: POETRY TORONTO Newsletter. Toronto 1978, No. 34, "Eleventh International Festival of Sound Poetry, October 14-21, 1978", o. Pag.

wrecks and life around the isles of scilly / poem for cris No. 2 / with my telephone here / untitled text 94, in: RAWZ. London 1977, No. 1, o. Pag.

CURTAL SAILS. book fr sean o huigin. cover drawing - Lesley strickland (...) sean o huigin, bill griffiths, lawrence upton, steve clews, bob cobbing, jeremy adler, cris cheek, peter mayer, p c fencott, jennifer pike, herbert burke (...). London 1976

JG (= Cris Cheek, P C Fencott, Lawrence Upton): /Broschüre über die Gruppe JG/ o. 0. (London) o. J. (ca. 1977)

LUBOS. Ed. by Lawrence Upton. London: Good Elf Publications 1974

TODAY IS MY TWENTY-FIFTH BREATHDAY. an anthology of superb works published an the occasion of Lawrence Upton's twenty-fifth birthday. (London) Good Elf Publications 1974 [631]

(Upton, Lawrence:) Cris Cheek: impressions after a 'dissapearence' by Lawrence Upton at Trinity College Cambridge, November 9, 1978, in: LOBBYpress Newsletter. Cambridge 1978, No. 5, december, o. Pag.

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