R. Murray Schafer

a) Buch- und Zeitschriftenveröffentlichungen

the book of noise. Indian River, Ontario/Canada: Arcana Editions 1998

the Composer in the Classroom. o.0. (London:) Universal Edition o. J. (ca 1965)

EAR CLEANING. Notes for an Experimental Music Course. o.0. (London:) Universal Edition o. J. (ca. 1967)

the music of the environment. No. 1 of an Occasional Journal devoted to Soundscape Studies. Ed. by R. Murray Schafer. o. 0. (London:) Universal Edition 1973 (= Universal Edition Nr. 26751)

THE NEW SOUNDSCAPE. A Handbook for the Modern Music Teacher. o. 0. (London:) Universal Edition o.J. (ca. 1969)

... WHEN WORDS SING. o. O. (London:) Universal Edition o. J. (ca. 1970)

... wenn worte klingen. Wien: universal edition 1972 (= rote reihe 37)

epitaph for moonlight. Wien: universal edition 1971 (= rote reihe 24)

schule des hörens. notizen diskussionsbeiträge übungsbeispiele aufgaben. Wien: universal edition 1972 (= rote reihe 36)

On Canadian Music. Bandcroft/Ontario: Arcana Editions 1984

Klang und Krach. Eine Kulturgeschichte des Hörens. Königstein: Athenäum 1988

SMOKE. A NOVEL. o. 0. 1976

THE CHALDEAN INSCRIPTION. o. 0. 1978. Distributed by UNDERWHICH EDITIONS, Toronto, Canada 1979

The Graphics of Musical Thought, in: Open Letter. Toronto 1982, Fifth Series, No. 3, Summer, S. 34-54

Ursound, in: Musicworks. Toronto 1985, No. 29, Fall, S. 19-23

Music and the Soundscape, , in: David Rothenberg, Marta Ulvaeus (ed.): The book of music and nature: an anthology of sounds, words, thoughts. Middletown, CT/USA: Weslayan University Press 2001 (A Terra nova book), S. 58-68

b) Sekundärliteratur

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