Rik Rue

a) Tonträger

Twisted Words & Misguided Mantras (1985), auf: Other ARTIST IN SOUND TEXT (AUSTRALIAN). (Sidney / Australia 1986), PEDESTRIAN TAPES SAMPLER, Audiocassette

BEND AN EAR. /I've never been this way before; Twisted words and misguided mantras; Other voices 1; Lost and rediscovered voices; I've got rhythm; Dead travel faster; Visions of future past; Six days of work one of play/. Sidney: Pedestrian Tapes, Zaragoza: STI, Marseille: Ballets Mécaniques 1987. Audiocassette

b) Rundfunk

Sidney-Linz. Wiener Radioversion. Prod.: Ars electronica, Linz; ORF, Wien. Ö 1, 28.9.1989, 22.15-23.00 Uhr, Kunstradio - Radiokunst

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