bp Nichol

BORDERS. /Scraptures - Fifth Sequence, Salad, Early Morning June 22, Beach at Port Dover, Dada Lama, Cycle No. 22, Not What the Siren Sang but What the Frag Ment, One Sing Cycle No. 17/. EP /Beilage zum Buch "bp: Journeying & The Returns", Toronto: The Coach House Press, o. J. (ca. 1967)/

Motherlove. /Dada Lama, The Incest Song, Bill Bissett's Lullaby, A Hum for Stevie Winwood, M. L.'s Dream, Sthnla, Historical Implications of Turnips, The Child in Me, Pleasure Sweets, Angels Hair, Mother Love Suite (Intro, Ailementry, Plunket Pastoral, Two Buried Texts Part I - Silver Lake Six, Two Buried Texts Part 2 - Silver Lake Six, A Little Love Poem For Your Ear Lobes To Nibble On, Visitation, Coda)/. Toronto: Allied Records 1968. LP

Another Day Older, auf: see/hear 1. recordmagazine. Vancouver o. J. (ca. 1969), See/Hear Productions ST-55852. LP /musique concrète/

bp Nichol. /A Love Poem for Gertrude Stein, Flower Eyes, A Sound Sequence for David W. Harris: Son of Sonnet, Excerpts from Books I & II of 'The Martyrology', Music, A Small Song That Is His, Clover (in parts), A Hum for Rube on 22 Birthday, Hiroshima Mon Amour, Beast for Hugo Ball/. Toronto: High Barnet Company 1972. LP

MOTHERLOVE (1968) / from SEE/HEAR # 1 / BORDERS (1966). Toronto, August 25/75, Kopie. Audiocassette

2 Sound Poems; BEAST (for Hugo Ball). Mitschnitt einer Veranstaltung des 8. Internationalen Sound-Poetry-Festivals (London) vom 21.5.1975, Ausschnitt, Spulentonband

BORDERS. Schallfolie, in: Alcheringa. Boston 1976, New Series, vol. 2, no. 1

APPENDIX /1. The Child In Me. 2. Winwood's Hum. 3. Flower Eyes. 4. M.L.'s Dream. 5. War & Peace. 6. I'd Love Just Once To See You In The Nude (with trumpet concerto). 7. A Hum For Rube On His 22nd/. Original recording by R. Hindley-Smith & Starborne Productions, auf: APPENDIX, A-Seite der EP, in: Sean 0'Huigin: POE. a simple introduction to experimental poetry. Windsor, Ont. / Canada: Black Moss Press 1978

EAR RATIONAL - SOUND POEMS 1970 - 80. /Dada Lama, Pome Poem, 060173, Eight Part Suite, Cosmic Piece for Orchestra & Chorus, Art in Upheval, Generations Generated, Afternoon Attentions, 'meeln', Acres Rare Meet, Ballads of the Restless Are, White Text Sure: Version I, Outsize Reference, Translating Translating Apollinaire 52, The Alphabet Game, Interupted Nap/. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Membrane Press, 1982, NEW FIRE TAPES. Audiocassette

1. Beach at Port Dover (recorded an location). 2. Scraptures: 5th Sequence (4 movements). 3. Salad. 4. Early Morning June 23rd. 5. Beach at Port Dover (studio version). 6. Dada Lama. 7. Cycle No. 22. B. Not What The Siren Sang But What The Frag Ment. 9. One Sing. 10. Cycle No. 17, auf: PAST EROTICISM. Canadian Sound Poetry in the 1960's: Volume 1. Toronto, Underwhich Editions, (ca. 1984) (= Underwhich Audiographics #13 & grOnk Final Series #6). Audiocassette /"Another Day Older" (auf: "See Hear 1") fehlt/

8 States of Denial for the 1980's, performed by bp Nichol and Steve McCaffery (voices), auf: MUSICWORKS 38 ("Bridging Language"). Toronto 1987. Audiocassette


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