bp Nichol

a) Buchveröffentlichungen /Auswahl/

As Elected. Selected Writing 1962-1979. Edited by bp Nichol & Jack David. Introduction by Jack David. Vancouver: Talonbooks 1980

bp (including "Letters Home", "Journeying & The Returns" and a recording of sound poems entitles "Borders"). Toronto: Coach House Press 1967

THE CAPTAIN POETRY POEMS. Vancouver: blewointmentpress 1970, 500 Ex.

DADA LAMA. a sound-sequence in six parts. London: Cavan McCarthy, BCM-Cavan 1968 (= TLALOC Pamphlet Edition issue nr. 19), 300 Ex.

FIRST SCREENING. COMPUTER POEMS. Toronto, Ont./Can.: Underwich Editions 1984 (Underwich Software Series, No. 1), 100 Ex., Ex. Nr. 21, signiert

JOURNEYING & the returns. Toronto (University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign)

LAMENT, a sound poem. Toronto: GANGLIA PRESS May 3 1969. First performed at UBC gallery of fine art, april 1969

LAMENT, a sound poem. London: Writers Forum 1969

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROON, poems 1966-69.Toronto: Weed/Flower Press 71, 300 Ex.

SCRAPTURES, 2ND SEQUENCE, alternate takes. Vancouver: the British Columbia Monthly, January 1977, Vol. III, No. 4

SCRAPTURES: second sequence, cover drawing: Bill Bissett. Toronto: GANGLIA, Singing Hands Series: 1, o. J.

SCRAPTURES, third sequence. Toronto: Ganglia July 8 66 (100 Ex.)

SCRAPTURES: fourth sequence. press : today : niagara. niagara falls new york o. J. (100 Ex.)

SCRAPTURES, tenth sequence. o. 0., o. J.

You Too, Nicky. from 'The Martyrology Bo(o)ks 7(VII)'. (Toronto) 1989, Privatdruck

b) Zeitschriftenbeiträge /Auswahl/

A Conversation with Fred Wah / T.R.G. Report One: Translation (Part 3), in: Open Letter. Toronto/Canada 1978. Third Series, No. 9, Fall 1978, S. 34-52

From Sound to Sense, in: STEREO HEADPHONES. Kersey near Ipswich 1971, No. 4, spring, o. Pag.

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The "Pata of Letter Feet, or 'The English Written Character as a Medium for Poetry, in: Open Letter. Toronto, Ca, 1985, Sixth series, No. 1, Spring, S.79-95 [586]

The prosody of Open Verse, in: Open Letter. Toronto 1982. Fifth Series, No. 2, spring, S. 5-13

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(Text zum Plattencover, März 1973), auf: Sky-Sails. Text and electronic by Ann Southam, sean o huigin m hic company MH - 93. Toronto 1973

/Texte/, in: Offerta Speciale. Torino 1987, Giugno 1987, "gioie della mensa", S. 46-51

Two Pages an the Nature of the Reality of Writing /TRG: REPORT 3 (Narrative, part 2/, in: OPEN LETTER. Toronto 1973, Second series, No. 6 /Fall), S. 104f.

/Visuelle Texte/, in: Offerta Speciale. Turin 1988, 1. Jg., Nr. 1, Mai, S. 21f

mit Frank Davey: The Book as a Unit of Composition, in: Open Letter. Toronto, Ont. 1985, Sixth series, No. 1, Spring, S. 39-46

c) Herausgeber /Auswahl/

Nichol, bp (ed.): the cosmic chef, an evening of concrete. (Ottawa) oberon press 1970. Ex. Nr. 283, signiert

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d) Sekundärliteratur /Auswahl/

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