Steve McCaffery

Structures of Incident 1 (1977), auf: Variety Theatre: An Anthology of Recorded Sound Poetry. (Edited by) Stephen Ruppenthal and Larry Wendt. San Francisco: La Mamelle 1977. Audiocassette

A Little Valentine (1978), auf: POÉSIE SONORE INTERNATIONALE. Henri Chopin, ed., Paris 1979, Audiocassette II /Beilage zum gleichnamigen Buch von Henri Chopin/

Performance at San Francisco State University, Feb. 27, 1979. Recorded by Steve Ruppenthal. Audiocassette

Viking Log Part 2, with Ted Moses on sax (recorded in Toronto, Canada, January 18, 1979), auf: SUGAR, ALCOHOL, & MEAT. Giorno Poetry Systems, New York 1980, GPS 018-019 st. LP

/excerpt from a solo performance recorded March llth, 1978; excerpt from a performance by Michael Snow, Charlie Morrow recorded December 14th 1980/, auf: DECADE: The First Ten Years of the Music Gallery. Toronto 1985, Music Gallery Editions. Audiocassette

mit Rafael Barreto-Rivera: After Love, What Then? (Fat Alberts Coffeehouse, February 2, 1976), auf: Audiothology 1. Toronto 1986, No. 1. Audiocassette

from Herodotus: The Histories, performed by Steve McCaffery (voice), 1986, auf: MUSICWORKS. Toronto 1987, Nr. 38, "Bridging Language", Audiocassette

research on the mouth. Underwhich Audiographic Series No. 1, (Toronto), UNDERWHICH EDITIONS, o. J., 100 Kopien. Audiocassette

wot we wukkers want / one step to the next. Underwhich Audiographic Series No. 2, Toronto, UNDERWHICH EDITIONS, o. J., 100 Kopien. Audiocassette

mit David Lee und Bill Smith: "WHISPERS". Toronto, blewointmentpress, o. J., blewointment audio 002, 100 Kopien. Audiocassette

avoiding the beautiful. UNDERWHICH AUDIOGRAPHIC SERIES No. 8., (Toronto), (UNDERWHICH EDITIONS), o. J., 100 Kopien. Audiocassette

mit Richard Truhlar: MANICURED NOISE. UNDERWHICH AUDIOGRAPHIC SERIES No. 7, (Toronto), (UNDERWHICH EDITIONS), o. J., 110 Kopien. Audiocassette

/.../, auf: auf: NEOSONG) CABARET (Festival d'Interventions). Quebec/Canada 1985, Audiocassette, Beilage in: INTER magazine. Quebec/Canada 1985 /Arcand, FOUR HORSEMEN, Higgins, Spatola, Blaine u. a./

Siehe auch FOUR HORSEMEN, PHENOMENONSEMBLE, Paul Dutton, bp Nichol

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