Alvin Lucier

The Duke of York, 1972, auf: ders.: Bird and Person Dyning. Milano 1976, Cramps Records, CRSLP 6111, nova musicha n. 11. LP

I am sitting in a room for voice on tape. New York 1981, Vital Records / Lovely Music VR 1013. LP

I AM SITTING IN A ROOM. SOURCE RECORD NUMBER THREE. in: SOURCE. Sacramento, Calif. o. J., No. 2. LP (22cm)

I am sitting in a room (for voice and tape) (1970). New York: Lovely Music 1990. CD mit Booklet

North American Time Capsule 1967 (for Voices and Sylvania Electronic Systems Vocoder), auf: EXTENDED VOICES. New Pieces for Chorus and for Voices (...). The New York o. J., CBS Odyssey 32160156. LP

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