Richard Kostelanetz

a) Tonträger

Asdescent / Anacatabasis. Washington, DC, Poets' Audio Center, o. J.. Audiocassette

PRAYING TO THE LORD. Produced by Beth Anderson, NPR-SPDF (1977, 1981), New York, 1981. Audiocassette

EXPERIMENTAL PROSE. Washington D. C: BLACK BOX, o. J. Audiocassette

Recyclings Nos. 5, 6, 7. Ode to Gravity, May 7, 1976. KPFA Los Angeles, 1976. Audiocassette

The Declaration of Independence /text sound composition/, auf: BREATHINGSPACE/77. An international anthology of sound-text and other extensions of poetry. Washington D.C. 1978 (= BLACK BOX 15), Watershed Tapes, Touchstone Series, C-2002, (= BLACK BOX 15). Audiocassette

Dialogue 2 (1976); Excelsior (1976), /text sound composition/, auf: Voooxing Poooêtre. INTERNATIONAL RECORD OF SOUND POETRY A CURA DI ENZO MINARELLI. Bondeno, Comune di Bondeno, September 1982. LP

from 'audio art', auf: TCHING (THE END). (VEC audio exchange). Maastricht 1983, Nr. 16. Audiocassette

/Ohne Titel, text-sound composition/, auf: MAIL MUSIC project (compiled and edited) by Nicola Frangione, collective work. o. O., Armandio Officina Audio Editions 1983, 1000 Ex. LP

Openings & Closings, from "Audio Writing", 1984 , auf: TELLUS. The Audio Cassette Magazine. New York 1983, No. 7, "The Word I"

from "Dialogues", auf: Poets. Painters. Composers. Seattle 1986, No. 4. Audiocassette

Recyclings (excerpt), auf: TELLUS. New York 1987, No. 17. Audiocassette

b) Rundfunk

Mein audiovisuelles New York. Arbeitsbericht /Zu "New York City"/. WDR 3, 17.4.1984, 21.00 Uhr, Hörspielstudio, Acustica international, Metropolis (3): New York

New York City. Realisation: der Autor und John David Fulleman. WDR 3, 17.4.1984, 21.00-22.30 Uhr, Acustica international, Metropolis (3): New York

Die 8 Nächte Chanukkas (1983, CBC Toronto). WDR 3,18.12.84

c) Sendungen über Richard Kostelanetz

Heißenbüttel, Helmut: NEW YORK CITY gehört. Reflexion. WDR 3, 17.4.1984, 21.00 Uhr, Acustica international, Metropolis (3): New York /von Richard Kostelanetz/

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