Dom Sylvester Houédard

a) Buch- und Zeitschriftenveröffentlichungen

begin again. a book of reflections & reversals. introduction by stefan themerson. banks. brampton. cumbria o. J. (1975), 500 Ex.

a book of chakras. /watford, watford school of art, 1968/, 90 Ex.

5 tripestacks. London: Covent Garden Press Ltd., July 1972, 100 Ex.

& the gloster ode construction company: "GUM COCK". watford: watford school of art 1970, 200 Ex. contemplation. London: Writers Forum 1972, writers forum folder number eleven

mini - posters (folder). o. 0. o. J. (1968) a south street publication, 200 Ex.

op and kinkon poems/ and non-kinkon. London: Writers Forum 1965, writers forum poets 14

12 dancepoems from the cosmic typewriter. o. 0. 1969 / aplomb zero no 1, south street

Visual Poetries /Katalog/. London: Victoria and Albert Museum 1971

architypestractures? (essay & two concrete poems), in: Art without Boundaries. 1950-70. Ed. by Gerald Woods, Philip Thompson, John Williams. London 1972, S. 134f.

arlington-une / poetischeuntersuchungen in glostershire, in: arlington-une, summer '66. 'Arlington Mill Exhibition', arranged by ken cox et alt. Arlington, Glostershire 1966, o. Pag.

'change as creative destruction' the ravensbourne symposium on creation destruction & chemical change, in: art + artists. London 1966, Vol. 1, No. 5, S. 48f.

dsh on concrete poetry. selected extracts from critical writings, in: ders.: visual poetries. a victoria and albert museum loan exhibition. /Ausstellungskatalog/. London 1971, o. Pag.

Ex / Con / Crete, in: Stereo Headphones. Kersey, near Ipswich 1970, Nr. 2/3

the flip side of language, in: isis. A Magazine for Oxford University. Oxford, 16.2.1966, S. 13f.

Four Typewriter Poems, in: London Magazine. Ed. by Alan Ross. London 1970, N. S., Vol. 10, No. 7, S. 33-36

introduction, in: freewheel. an exhibition of graphics and poetries organised by john furnival & dsh. midland group gallery, nottingham. arts council gallery, cambridge /Ausstellungskatalog/. o. 0. o. J. (1961)

intro to the kencox cat kenetic & kencrete // paragram & program /dsh-050668/, in: kencox, kinetic poems. June 11-July 6 at LISSON /Ausstellungskatalog/. London 1968 [529]

paradada, in: The Times Literary Supplement. London, 6.8.1964, S. 696f.

Parameters & paramitas (030670), in: Pages. Ed. by David Briers. Berkhamsted 1970, No. 1, Autumn, S. 24

poemimagesymbol (essay); little addendal protohistorical geogtrot (essay), in: international FESTIVAL OF CONCRETE POETRY. falmouth school of art. june 24 & 25, 1967

Supertonic Boom or Babbling as Artform, in: Stereo Headphones. Kersey, near Ipswich 1972, No. 5, winter, S. 42-44

three ex tatic odes; two concrotic poems; etymological goose chatting up a chaffinch; three autumn poems for yevtushenks; autumn; autumn field, in: controverse. leicester 1968, no. 2, october 1968, o. Pag.

'to freshen our sense of literature we do have, in: aylesford Review. A Literary Quarterly. Aylesford, Kent 1964, Vol. VI, No. 3, S. 154-159

wind grove mind alone. 740404, in: Stereo Headphones. Kersey, near Ipswich 1974, No. 6, S. 28

b) Sekundärliteratur

brett, guy: dsh - an introductory note, in: dom sylvester houédard: visual poetries. a victoria and albert museum loan exhibition /Katalog/. London 1971

Morgan, Edwin: HOUÉDARD, Dom (Pierre-) Sylvester, in: Contemporary Poets. Ed. by James Vinson. London, New York 1975, S. 727-730

Verey, Charles (ed.): Dom Sylvester Houédard. Ceolfrith Arts Center /Katalog/. Sunderland: Ceolfrith Arts Center 1972 (= ceolfrith 15) /Mit Beiträgen von Anthony Everitt, Ann Hatherley, Charles Verey und dsh/ [530]

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