Lily Greenham

'tune in to reality'. london: edition OT, o. J., 100 tapes, Spulentonband

'lingual music'. 1) 'relativity' 1974 / 2) '7 consonants in space' 1975 / 3) 'circulation' workingprocess (unfinished) 1975/76 / 4) soloversion of 'outsider' recorded in 1974 (stereo) / 5) rhythmic poem by peter greenham (mono). (London, ca. 1976), Spulentonband

7 Consonants in Space, auf: BREATHINGSPACE/79. An international anthology of sound-text and other extensions of poetry. Washington, D. C. 1979, Watershed Tapes, Touchstone series, C-2003. Audiocassette [903]

Seven Consonants in space (1975), auf: POÉSIE SONORE INTERNATIONALE. Henri Chopin, ed., Paris 1979, Audiocassette I /Beilage zum gleichnamigen Buch von Henri Chopin/

" ...and John became Victor..." (tapepiece for 3 soloists / cheering crowds tennisballs and grunts/, 1981) /text-sound composition/, auf: BAOBAB 11. Reggio Emilia o. J. (ca. 1983), Nr. 11, BAOBAB FEMME, hrsg. von Arrigo Lora-Totino. Audiocassette

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