Anthony J. Gnazzo

Another Ice Cream Headache (April 1973). I Were A Teenage Waswolf (April 1973). Stereo Radio 5: About Talking (Jan 1972, REV Nov 1972). X-Change (Oct 1969). Theatre Piece XXVI (1971): Linear (Mar 1971. Profile (May 1973). Oakland 1974. Kopie, Spulentonband

Compound Skill Fracture (1975). Cabrillo Music Festival 1975, KPFA, Los Angeles, 1975. Audiocassette

The unfortunate diving duck trilogy. Part 3: quality full of hard facts. Live concert: 1750 Arch Street, Berkeley 1977. KPFA, Los Angeles, 1977. Audiocassette

mit Charles Amirkhanian: The dealing insolent misunderstanding's boogie. KPFA, Los Angeles, July 22, 1974.

Gnazzo, Anthony J.: Hisnia & Hernia (1975), auf: BIG EGO. Giorno Poetry Systems, New York 1978, GPS 012-013 stereo. LP

Recent works /"The Art of Canning Music" (1975); "Asparagus - Everybody likes it" (1978); "Pun Crock" (1978); "Ad hoc, Work in progress"/. KPFA, Los Angeles, June 14, 1978. Audiocassette

Begin Again /text sound composition/, auf: BREATHINGSPACE/79. An international anthology of sound-text and other extensions of poetry. Washington, D.C. 1979, Watershed Tapes, Touchstone series, C-2003. Audiocassette

The Population Explosion (1969) (Recorded in the windoff grooves of side one), auf: 10 + 2 : 12 American Text Sound Pieces. 1750 Arch Records, Berkeley, CA. Stereo 1752. LP

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