John Giorno

a) Tonträger

"Poems given in America", performed by John Giorno and multiple voices. New York City, February 21, 1967. Carl Weissner tape collection. 60 American Poets and Writers


For Fred Herko. Ausführende: John Giorno & multiple voices, auf: Cold Turkey Press / Klacto Present. Edited by Gerard Belart & Carl Weissner. Rotterdam 1972, Cold Turkey Press 6802944. LP

Vajra Kisses (1972), auf: THE DIAL-A-POEM POETS. Giorno Poetry Systems, New York 1972, GPS - 001 stereo. LP

Suicide Sutra (1973), auf: DISCONNECTED. Giorno Poetry Systems, New York 1974, GPS - 003 stereo. LP

"Subdoing demons in America"; "Suicide Sutra". Live reading at Pauley Ballroom, University of California, Berkeley Campus, Nov. 7, 1974. KPFA, Los Angeles, 1974. Audiocassette

Give It to Me, Baby (1967), auf: 10 + 2 : 12 American Text Sound Pieces. Berkeley, Ca. 1974, 1750 Arch Records, Stereo 1752. LP

BALLING BUDDHA. John Giorno, New York and S PRESS Tonbandverlag, Düsseldorf/München, 1975, S PRESS TAPE No. 38/39, Compactcassette, stereo

JOHNNY GUITAR 1 und 2. John Giorno, New York and S PRESS Tonbandverlag, Düsseldorf/München, 1975, S PRESS TAPE No. 23/24, 2 Compact Cassetten, stereo

excerpt from "Subduing Demons in America" (1975), auf: BITING OFF THE TONGUE OF A CORPSE. Giorno Poetry Systems, New York 1975, GPS - 005, stereo. LP

Suicide Sutra; Eating Human Meat; Subduing Demons In America, auf: JOHN GIORNO, WILLIAM S BURROUGHS: /Ohne Titel/. Giorno Poetry Systems, New York 1975, A D'ARC PRESS SELECTION, GPS 006-007 Stereo. LP

Excerpts from "Shit, piss, blood, pus, & brains" (1976), auf: TOTALLY CORRUPT. Giorno Poetry Systems, New York 1976, GPS 008-009 stereo. LP

Everyone Is a Complete Disappointment (1977); Drinking the Blood of Every Woman's Period (1976/77), auf: John Giorno, Anne Waldman: /Ohne Titel/. Giorno Poetry Systems, New York 1977, A KULCHUR SELECTION, GPS 010-011 Stereo. LP

Grasping at Emptiness (1978), auf: BIG EGO. Giorno Poetry Systems, New York 1978, GPS 012-013 stereo. LP

grasping at emptiness (presentation Bernard Heidsieck), auf: LA NOUVELLE REVUE D'ART MODERNE. Paris 1979, Nr. 5, Mai 1979. Audiocassette

Eating The Sky, auf: THE NOVA CONVENTION. Giorno Poetry Systems, New York 1979, GPS 014-015 stereo. LP

Raspberry (Extraits) (1976), auf: POÉSIE SONORE INTERNATIONALE. Henri Chopin, ed., Paris 1979, Audiocassette I /Beilage zum gleichnamigen Buch von Henri Chopin/

I Resigned Myself To Being Here (1980), auf: SUGAR, ALCOHOL, & MEAT. Giorno Poetry Systems, New York 1980, GPS 018-019 st. LP

I Don't Need It, I Don't Want it, And You Cheated Me Out Of It; Completely Attached To Delusion (1981); Excerpt from "Put Your Ear To Stone & Open Your Heart To The Sky (1980), auf: John Giorno, Laurie Anderson, William S. Burroughs: YOU'RE THE GUY I WANT TO SHARE MY MONEY WITH. Giorno Poetry Systems, New York 1981, GPS 020-021 Stereo. LP

Excerpt from: "I don't need it, I don't want it and you cheated me out of it", auf: ONE WORLD POETRY. LIVE FROM AMSTERDAM. Amsterdam 1981, Milkyway Records, BF-211108-lA/B; New York 1981, Giorno Poetry Systems, GPS 028-029. LP

1. Stretching It Wider. 2. We Got Here Yesterday, We're Here Now, And I Can't Wait To Leave Tomorrow. Vocals: John Giorno; Drums: David Van Tiegham; Bass: Philippe Hagen; Keyboards, synthesizer and guitars: Pat Irwin, auf: GIORNO, JOHN; BRANCA, GLENN: WHO YOU STARING AT? Giorno Poetry Systems, New York 1982, GPS 025 Stereo. LP

I don't need it, I don't want it, and you cheated me out of it (extrait), auf: POLYPHONIX 1. Première anthologie sonore. Prod.: Cramps Records, Milano; Association Polyphonix, Paris; Giorno Poetry Systems, New York. Milano 1982, Multhipla Records, 20138. LP. Neuauflage: Sieci (Firenze): Abraxas 2002, Get Back, GET 418. LP

Everyone Says What They Do Is Right. John Giorno: vocals, David van Tieghem: drums, Pat Irwin: keyboards & guitars, Gregory Shifrin: music. (1982), auf: LIVE IS A KILLER. New York 1982. Giorno Poetry Systems GPS 027, LP

(Last Night) I Gambled with My Anger and Lost. Words By John Giorno & Music by Charlie Roth. Charlie Roth: synthesizer, Lenny Kaye: guitar, Paul Dugan: bass, David Donen: Drums (1983), auf: YOU'RE A HOOK. THE 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF DIAL-A-POEM (1968-1983). New York 1983, Giorno Poetry Systems, GPS 030, LP

Exiled in Domestic Life. Words by John Giorno. Music by C.P. Roth. John Giorno: Vocals, C.P. Roth: all instruments. (1984), auf: BETTER AN OLD DEMON THAN A NEW GOD. New York 1984, Giorno Poetry Systems, GPS 033, LP

b) Rundfunk

Interview mit John Giorno über Brion Gysin, in: Charles Amirkhanian: In Paris with Brion Gysin. Interview, recorded on October 15th, 1973. Ode to Gravity, Nov. 20, 1974. KPFA, Los Angeles, 1973. Audiocassette

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