Four Horsemen (bp Nichol, Steve McCaffery, Paul Dutton, Rafael Barreto-Rivera)

CANADADA. Toronto: Griffin House o. J., st 88/60 036 0. LP

LIVE IN THE WEST. Toronto, Ont.: STARBORNE Productions o. J., STB 0177. LP

Performance (Let's Read; Particular Music; Aupe Relationship). West Coast International Sound Poetry Festival, La Mamelle, San Francisco, 19.11.1977. Audiocassette

Aeolus. Recorded live at the Rivoli in Toronto, october 1984. Ausführende: Rafael Barreto-Rivera, Paul Dutton, Steve McCaffery, bp Nichol, auf: SLOWSCAN. Denbosch o. J. (ca. 1987), Vol. 5, "Anthology Canadian Soundpoetry". Audiocassette

The Dreams Remain. b. p. Nichol, Steve McCaffery, Paul Dutton, Rafael-Barreto Rivera: vocals. (1981). auf: LIVE IS A KILLER. Giorno Poetry Systems, New York 1982, GPS 027 stereo. LP

Monotony /from "Canadada", 1972/, auf: Sound Poetry. Anthology. Vancouver: The Capilano Review 1984, No. 31, EP /Beilage zu: "The Capilano Review", Vancouver 1984, No. 32/

Totally new improvisation, auf: Festival D'In(ter)ventions - 2. Québec: Éditions Interventions 1985. 2 LP

Bootleg. (Toronto, Underwich Edition), o. J., UNDERWICH AUDIOGRAPHIC SERIES, No. 6, 100 Exemplare. Audiocassette

/.../, auf: NEOSONG) CABARET (Festival d'Interventions). Quebec/ Canada 1985, Audiocassette, Beilage in: INTER magazine. Quebec/Canada 1985 /Arcand, Higgins, McCaffery, Spatola, Blaine u. a./

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