Paul Dutton

Stereo Nose, performed by Paul Dutton (nose and voice), 1986, auf: MUSICWORKS 38 ("Bridging Language"). Toronto 1987. Audiocassette

Stereo Mouth. (August 1986), auf: SLOWSCAN. Denbosch o. J. (ca. 1987). Vol. 5, "Anthology Canadian Soundpoetry". Audiocassette

FUGITIVE FORMS /Persephone (1981); Blue Reed's (1978); from "So'nets" (1975); Vive Le (1979); Imp's Rove No. 21 (1984); Sound Blues for Muddy Waters (1969); For The Letter That Begins Them All, H (1986); Mouth to Mouth (1986); Dr. Mustard's Found Sound (1973); Stereo Nose (1986); Mercure (1986)/ Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Membrane Press o. J., New Fire Tapes. Audiocassette

(Dutton, Paul:) The Four Horsemen: Canadada. Toronto: Griffin House, 1972. LP

(Dutton, Paul:) The Four Horsemen: Live in the West. Toronto: Starborne Productions, 1977. LP

Blues, Roots, Legends, Shouts & Hollers. STB 0180. Starborne Productions, Toronto 1980. LP (one side)

(Dutton, Paul:) The Four Horsemen: 2 Nights. Toronto: Underwhich Editions, 1988. Audiocassette

Ear Lick: Poets as Songwriters. Toronto: Coach House Press, 1990. Audiocassette

mit David Moss, Don Wherry, Trevor Wishart: Bunker. Toronto: Underwhich Editions, 1991. Audiocassette

Snare, Kick, Rack & Floor (Duet with Nobuo Kubota), auf: Paté de Voix. Ricettario di Poesia Internazionale. Torino: Offerta Speciale 1992, Nr. 7, INTERPRETAZIONI SONORI DI POESIA. Audiocassette

Metalogos: Suite in Two Parts (A & B), auf: Vocal Neighbourhoods. Ed. by Larry Wendt. Leonardo Music Journal, CD Series, Volume 3, 1993, Leonardo, MIT Press Journals, Cambridge /USA. CD

mit John Kamevaar, Al Mattes, John Oswald, Michael Snow, Jack Vorvis: Decisive Moments. Hot Real-Time Electro-Acoustic Collective Composition. Toronto, Ontario: CCMC. The Music Gallery 1994. CD

Full Throads. Sound works for amplified voice. Underwhich Audiographics #47. Toronto, Canada, 1994. Audiocassette

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