Cris Cheek

a) Buch- und Zeitschriftenveröffentlichungen

short story in sound. London: Bluff Books, February 16, 1977 /for the members of the tuesday workshop/, 140 Ex.

ANTIRRHINUM. Cambridge: Lobby Press 1978, may

A5 MOMENTA / nos. 3, 7, 8, with an introduction by the author. o. 0.: bluff books 1978, july

first body of work. o. 0. (London): bluff books 1978, march

PAX IS. o. 0.: Shabby Editions 1978 (a Toronto Gift Pack), 50 Ex.

a present. London: bluff books o. J. (ca. 1985)

Mud, in: Spanner / Open Field 13. London o. J. (ca. 1985)

zusammen mit Lawrence Upton: SERVICE THE PLEADING A TOUCH OF THE GUILLOTINE . London: Bluff Books, Good Elf Publications 1978

zusammen mit lawrence upton, ee vonna michel: SPACE HOUSE GARAGE. o. 0.: speaking out it 1978

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/Sound poem/, in: POETRY TORONTO Newsletter. Toronto 1978, No. 34, "Eleventh International Festival of Sound Poetry, October 14-21, 1978", o. Pag.

"What Is the Status of Narrative In Your Work?" / Symposium on Narrative, in: Poetics Journal. Berkeley, Ca. 1985, No. 5, May, S. 71-75

b) Sekundärliteratur

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