Bill Bissett

a) Buch- und Zeitschriftenveröffentlichungen

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awake in the red desert!! a recorded book. VANCOUVER: TALON BOOKS & SEE/HEAR PRODUCTIONS 1968, 500 Ex.

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NOBODY OWNS TH EARTH. Toronto: Anansi Press 1971

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pass th food release th spirit. Vancouver: Talonbooks 1973

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(th) Gossamer Bed Pan. vancouvr: blewointmentpress 1974, second print., 700 Ex

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Northern Birds in Color. Vancouver: Talonbooks 1981

wuns i saw it raining frogs. Toronto: CURVD H & Z 1982 (= CURVD H&Z Series No 136), 100 Ex. [446]

is it very pig uv writrs to write abt othr writrs, in: OPEN LETTER. Toronto 1973, Second series, No. 6 (Fall), S. 86f.

wch ar bettr hands or feet or orange treez, in: Essays an Canadian Writing. Downsview, Ont. 1977, No. 6, Spring, S. 90-92

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b) Sekundärliteratur

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