Gertrude Stein

Of poetry. Winning his way.
A narrative poem. Of poetry.
What is the announcement.
Please. Authorise. That they never knew.
That it was true.
When the time comes. They will place.
The piano. There.
She may be. Really. Very fairly.
A pleasure.
In receipt. Of their. Announcement.
That. He had grown. Woods. And flowers.
And may it be. Partly. Better.
To be there.
Surely. It is. Not a mistake.
To be famous.
Nor without. It. For them.
At once.
Should they. Borrow. More. Butter.
Nor rather. Ask. For mushrooms.
Nor even dally.
By a harness. For them. Or stairs.
She may. By all accounts. Be after all.
Fairly careful.
In lightly. Or lightly.
Asking. It to be. As they may.
It is very well. To have it. Well selected.
Nor ought it. To be. A bother.
To them.
For carelessly. To be. Watched.
Nor had they.
Lost seed.
It is. Winning a way.
Which makes. Poetry say.
A narrative poem. Of poetry.
And friendship.
Sustained. By their impression.
In often told. This. In amount.
Was it their pleasure. Of course.

Aus: Winning His Way / wie man seine art gewinnt

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