Beth Anderson

Torero Piece (1973), auf: 10 + 2 : 12 American Text Sound Pieces. 1750 Arch Records, Berkeley, CA. Stereo 1752. LP

If I were a poet. Appeared in the 1975 "Assembling", auf: BREATHINGSPACE/77. An international anthology of sound-text and other extensions of poetry. Washington D.C. 1978 (= BLACK BOX 15), Watershed Tapes, Touchstone Series - C-2002. Audiocassette

I Can't Stand It (recorded at The Kitchen, New York, May 5, 1979), auf: SUGAR, ALCOHOL, & MEAT. Giorno Poetry Systems, New York 1980, GPS 018-019 st. LP

I CAN'T STAND IT / OCEAN MOTION MILDEW MIND. Produced by Eric Salzman. o. O., 1980. EP

"I wish I was single again", 1981. Recorded at Zeami Studio, New York. /Mit Erläuterungen zum Text/, auf: 3 Vi tre. edizioni di polipoesia Alatri 1983. Nr. 3, Dezember 1983. EP

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