Charles Amirkhanian

a) Tonträger

FIVE TEXT-SOUND COMPOSITIONS (If In Is; Making Opera; Bugs; Knell; Sound Nutrition). Berkeley, Ca., 1971-1974, Kopie, Spulentonband

Awe (1973); Balk (1973); Bannas (1973); Double Agent (1978); have very (1973); Mahogany Ballpark (1976); Pax Numminen Pox (1973); She She and She (1973). Berkeley/Ca. 1973-1978, Kopie, Spulentonband

Just (1972). Heavy Aspirations (1973), auf: 10 + 2 : 12 American Text Sound Pieces. Berkeley, Ca. 1974, 1750 Arch Records, Stereo 1752. LP

Radii (1972), auf: DISCONNECTED. Giorno Poetry Systems, New York 1974, GPS-003 stereo. LP

Five Text-Sound-Pieces. 1 Radii 2 Just 3 Roussier (not Rouffier) 4 Mugic 5 Seatbelt. Düsseldorf/München: S PRESS TONBANDVERLAG 1975, S PRESS TONBAND/TAPE No. 22, Spulentonband

Mushrooms (for John Cage) (1974), auf: TOTALLY CORRUPT. Giorno Poetry Systems, New York 1976, GPS 008-009 stereo. LP

Sound Nutrition (1972); Dutiful Ducks (1977), auf: Variety Theater: An Anthology of Recorded Sound Poetry. (Edited by) Stephen Ruppenthal and Larry Wendt. San Francisco: La Mamelle 1977. Audiocassette

Dzarim Bess Ga Khorim (1972), auf: TEXT - SOUND FESTIVALS - 10 YEARS. Fylkingen records, Stockholm (ca. 1978), FYLP 1010 Stereo. LP

LEXICAL MUSIC. Berkeley, Ca. 1979, 1750 Arch Records, S-1779. LP (Mit Textbeilage)

The type without time (1979), auf: SLOWSCAN. Collection of soundpoems & artists sound works. Edited & compiled by Jan van Toorn. EC Den Bosch 1983, Nr. 1. Audiocassette

"the putts", 1981. Composed at ZBS media, Post Edward, New York; engineer: Bobby Bielecki, assistant engineer: Gail Turner. Arts plural publishers P.R.BMI), auf: 3 Vi tre. edizioni di polipoesia. Alatri 1983, Nr. 3, Dezember 1983. EP

The real perpetuum mobile. Edited by Perspectives of New Music. Vol. 22, Nr. 1/2, 1984. Audiocassette (Paul Lansky, Elliot Carter u. a.)

MENTAL RADIO. NINE TEXT-SOUND-COMPOSITIONS. New York, Composers Recordings Incorporated 1985, CRI SD 523 LP (Mit Textbeilage)

b) Rundfunk

mit Anthony Gnazzo: The dealing insolent misunderstanding boogie. KPFA, Los Angeles, 22.7.1974

Text-Sound Poetry (Radii; Roussier, not Rouffier; MUGIC; She she and she; Mushrooms; Macula; Bammas; Bo:k; Just; Heavy aspirations; Double agent; I think like the tree; u. a.). KPFA, Los Angeles, 30.11.1974, Ode to Gravity 

text-sound compositions, in: Erik Bauersfeld, Charles Amirkhanian, Klaus Schöning: Hörspiel USA. Hörspiel und Audioart in KPFA, Berkeley/USA. WDR 3, 20.12.1983, 21.00-22.30 Uhr, Hörspielstudio

Gold and Spirit. Realisation: der Autor. Produktion: ICA, Los Angeles. WDR 3, 19.3.85, 21.00 Uhr, Hörspielstudio. Acustica international (Sounds in Motion. 6 Kompositionen für das Olympic Art Festival Los Angeles 1984. Vorgestellt von Klaus Schöning)

Metropolis San Francisco. Prod.: WDR 1986. Realisation: Charles Amirkhanian. WDR 3, 18.11.1986, 21.00 Uhr, Hörspielstudio

Pas de Voix. Prod.: WDR 1988. Realisation: der Autor. WDR 3, 1.3.1988, 21.05 Uhr, Hörspielstudio, Hommage à Samuel Beckett. Wiederholung: WDR 3, 16.5.1989, 21.00 Uhr, Hörspielstudio, Hommage à Samuel Beckett. WDR 3, 25.6.1991, 21.00 Uhr, Studio Akustische Kunst, EBU-Ringsendung. WDR 3, 23.5.1998, 23.00 Uhr, Studio Akustische Kunst. Übernahme: Ö 1, 20.6.1991, 22.15 Uhr, Kunstradio - Radiokunst 

Im Frühling. Lautsprecher-Performance, 29.4.1990, SOUND ART FESTIVAL 2. Acustica International, New York. WDR 3, 19.6.90, 21.00 Uhr, Hörspielstudio

1. Chu Lu Lu (1992). 2. Bajanoom (1990). 3. Vers Les Anges (1990). Prod.: American Public Radio WCA Boston. Realisation: Charles Amirkhanian. BR 4, 22.11.98, 23.00 Uhr, Studio für Musik. DLR Berlin, 21.4.99, 0.05 Uhr, Werkstatt ADR

Pianola. Komposition, Realisation: Charels Amirkhanian. Prod.: WDR Studio Akustische Kunst 2001. WDR 3, 31.3.2001, 23.05 Uhr, WDR 3 open: Studio Akustische Kunst ADR

c) Radioessays

In Paris with Brion Gysin. Interview, recorded an October 15th, 1973. Ode to Gravity, Nov. 20, 1974. KPFA, Los Angeles, 1973. Audiocassette

Interview of Jacques Bekaert. (KPFA, Los Angeles), Jan. 17, 1973. Audiocassette

Interview of Tera de Marez Oyens. Ode to Gravity, March 5, 1975. KPFA, Los Angeles, 1975. Audiocassette

Radio discussion of text-sound composition by Charles Amirkhanian, musicologist and text sound composer, on radio station KPFA, May 4, 1975.

Charles Dodge interviewed by Charles Amirkhanian at his home in New York City. Ode to Gravity, Dec. 3, 1975. KPFA, Los Angeles, 1975. Audiocassette

Interview of Bernard Heidsieck, recorded in June 1976. Ode to Gravity, Aug. 4, 1976. KPFA, Los Angeles, 1976. Audiocassette

Interview of Sten Hanson, recorded in April 1972. Ode to Gravity, keine weiteren Angaben. KPFA, Los Angeles, ca. 1976. Audiocassette

Philip Corner interview, recorded December 1977. Ode to Gravity, June 16, 1978. KPFA, Los Angeles, 1978. Audiocassette

Charles Morrow interview presenting some of the New Wilderness Audiographics cassettes. Ode to Gravity, June 26, 1978. KPFA, Los Angeles 1978. Audiocassette

Laurie Anderson interview. KPFA, Los Angeles, August 29, 1979. Audiocassette

d) Sendungen über Charles Amirkhanian

Amirkhanian, Charles: Radio discussion of text-sound composition by Charles Amirkhanian, musicologist and text sound composer, on radio station KPFA, May 4, 1975. Audiocassette

Grundmann, Heidi: Charles Amirkhanian. Interview, Ausschnitte aus Werken. Ö 1, 2.6.1988, 22.06-23.00 Uhr, Kunstradio - Radiokunst

Herrman, Ed: Interview with Charles Amirkhanian on sound poetry. Columbia, 1983, Audio Textures - KOPN radio. Audiocassette

Schöning, Klaus: Sounds in Motion. Sechs Kompositionen für das Olympic Art Festival Los Angeles 1984, vorgestellt von Klaus Schöning: Charles Amirkhanian, Paul Dresher, Joan La Barbara, Pauline Oliveros, Carl Stone, John Cage. WDR 3, 19.3.1985, Hörspielstudio, Acustica international

Schöning, Klaus: Zu Gast im Hörspielstudio: Charles Amirkhanian. WDR 3, 18.11. 1986, 21.00-22.15 Uhr, Hörspielstudio

Thorington, Helen; Beyer, Regine: New American Radio. Essay. WDR 3, 15.3.1988, 21.00 Uhr, Hörspiel USA (Mit Ausschnitten aus Gregory Whiteheads "Wundenschau", Charles Amirkhanians "Walking Tune" u. a.)

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